About me


French-Italian jewelry designer. 

After the first studies in Paris, I followed in Rome a training in applied goldsmith's art in the famous and historical "school of the ornamental arts of Rome" and attended several goldsmith's stores (Alfredo Pascarella, Franco Robiati, Yoi Manili Maraini), where I deepened various techniques of goldsmith's work, discovering the beauty of the malleability and plasticity of wax. Using this technique I began to create the first jewels with soft and voluminous shapes in yellow and red gold with semi-precious and hard stones. Cultivating a passion for various cultures and for art, I deepened the study of the history of jewelry, in different historical and geographical periods. These insights have influenced my design and determined my style.


 What meaning does jewelry have for me today?

It dresses, personalizes, adorns and enhances the character of the person who wears it. It is an element that reveals the personality of each individual. It can also be experienced as a protective and reassuring element. The jewelry I create is made of 925/000 silver and stones. The style is aligned with the trends of the moment, alternating classic shapes to those more particular and stronger colors, more determined. The study and research are continuous and without limits. Today I enjoy creating, developing projects, making combinations...

An idea for the future? Every morning I wake up with the determination to realize my dream ...


Sonia Cerquitella