Our History


AGAU was founded in 2000, when founder Sonia Cerquitella decided to create her own brand. The name is formed by the symbol AG, which
means silver and AU gold. Initially all collections were in silver with semi-precious stones, dedicated to a feminine, modern and dynamic public.
audience, modern and dynamic. In fact, while drawing inspiration from traditional jewelry, in the choice of classic materials, the designer
placed at the center of her design practicality and comfort in both style and design. All jewelry had to be easily
wearable with any kind of outfit, without ever abandoning elegance and femininity. With time Sonia gave space to her creativity
experimented with other materials, bone, horn, wood, less used in classic jewelry, but no less noble and refined.
Jewelry inspired by the earth, with design and forms well recognizable. Today, after nearly 20 years of activity, the jewels of the brand Agau are unique and
ageless, often monochromatic, silver, bronze, crystals, onyx, ebony, horn ... not related to trends or fashions, and therefore suitable for
every kind of woman. The brand has preserved over time the craftsmanship that has become the defining element to stand out from the crowd.