Fine leather necklaces and bracelets Brand Orafà

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Orafà is an Italian brand of handcrafted leather jewelry.
Each model is a unique piece.

Model 0475:

Chain link necklace in fine Italian leather 110 cm long, openable and adjustable
with heart pendant.

Model 0479:

Chain link bracelet in fine Italian leather 22 cm long, openable and adjustable.

Model cboc17:

Necklace grey long 114cm

Model 0230:

Three-dimensional blue hearts necklace adjustable from 37 to 78 cm.

Model 0478:

Platinum-colored long necklace 190 cm. 

model 0477:

 Red and hyacinth-colored choker necklace 62 cm.

model 0488:

necklace and eyeglass lace 74 cm.

model cboc29:

three-dimensional necklace/bracelet 50 cm.